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Cedar Herb Box

Herb Kit + Planter Box

Cedar Herb Box

$44.99 $54.99

Handmade Quality & Easy Setup

This cedar box garden kit comes with everything you will need to start growing your own herb garden, including seeds, soil, and planter sticks.

You can start from the seeds we provide, or alternatively use plant starts of your choice from your local home & garden store.

Made from cedar wood, the planter box is about the size of a shoebox, and will fit nicely on your windowsill, desk or table. It includes a removable wooden lid.

  • Quality Construction & Assurance: The cedar planter box is made to last, using a thick sturdy wood and hand-pounded nails (vs cheap glue or staples that easily come apart).
  • Internal Planter Tray Included: Comes with a garden tray that fits in the planter box to eliminate leaking and improve ease of planting.
  • Culinary Herbs & Soil Included: Kit includes a package of dry "wondersoil" that expands when you add water, as well as basil, parsley, cilantro, oregano and dill seeds. The soil will expand to about 1.5" from the top of the box after adding 5.5 cups of water.
  • Herb Planter Markers: As a bonus we have included slate plant markers and a chalk pen that can be used to label each plant.
  • 17" wide
  • 6" tall
  • 6" deep (will fit in most windowsills)
  • 4 lbs

Do you plant all 5 varieties of the seeds in the tray at one time?
Answer: We recommend growing no more than four different plants in the box at one time. Any more and it can get crowded when the plants get bigger.

Does the plastic tray sit in the wood box flush with the surface?
Answer: The top of the plastic tray sits 3.5" tall and the top edge of the box is 5" tall.

How much light is needed?
Answer: All plants require light to grow and we recommend at least four hours of sunlight a day for these herbs. That means a well-lit window or desk. A south-facing windowsill would be a great choice if you have one.

How much soil do you add?
Answer: We recommend adding soil to within 1.5" of the top of the box. 

What is the soil?
Answer: The soil that is included is Wonder Soil Expanding Soil. The amount included with the kit will expand to our recommended soil level within the box when 5-6 cups of water are added.

Is this kit strictly for indoor growing? Could I put the planter box in a little rack off my balcony?
Answer: This planter also works well outdoors. The wood isn't treated so it will weather if exposed to rain. Make sure to put in a place that gets plenty of sun for the plants. 

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