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Dryden Trading Company is really a collection of wood crafters and makers here in Wenatchee, WA.

Wenatchee is in the center of one of the leading tree fruit producing regions in the world. The city is affectionately known as the "Apple Capital of the World," while pears, cherries and apricots are also grown here. Historically, all this fruit was packed in apple crates like this one:


These wood boxes were made on special nailing machines like the one shown here that makes most of our boxes:

These nailing machines allow us to make wood boxes of all shapes and sizes at a rapid pace. We take these boxes and sell them as simple apple crates or gift box mailers, or we do fun things like antique them and turn them into herbal gift boxes.

Our company is really a family affair. The Givens family (shown below) started Dryden Trading Co. and came up with the antiquing process for our herbal boxes. All five kids got in on the fun.

We also work with wood craftsmen who produce our smaller, premium items like brochure stands and business cards holders.

CUSTOM OPTIONS: If you see something on our site that you want to buy in large quantities, or that you'd like to customize to better meet your needs, contact us and we'll work with you to meet your needs.