Play in the dirt ~ Life is too short to always have clean fingernails.
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About us

Dryden Trading Company is really Us, the Givens family.

We come from a legacy of gardeners and wood workers and have combined our skills to create beautiful wooden boxes full of green thumb goodness. We create these boxes as a family. Everyone has a job!

Jeff and Samarah working with Amber on box orders.

And here's our garden and the barn where we make all our boxes in Dryden, WA

Amber (mom) has loved and studied herbs for over 30 years. She uses her understanding of these incredible plants to serve her family in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet.

Jordan (dad) grew up building custom homes with his dad and grandfather and has used those skills to teach his sons the trade. He developed a custom aged wooden box for the best looking herb box around. 

Jeff, the oldest son, loves efficiency and helps the family produce herb boxes that utilize our family values of working together and producing a great product. He also loves to cook and is regularly experimenting with new spices in his creations. His love of Cajun cooking has helped develop some of the spicy herb boxes coming to our website soon!

Samarah Jo, the youngest daughter, is our production manager. She is responsible for all the label printing, seed packet assembly, plant label painting and quality control of every box that passes through Dryden Trading Company.

Corban, the youngest son, is affectionately known as the "Dirt Bag Specialist."  He is responsible for helping to fill all the soil bags that go in our herb kits as well as helping dad stain and sand the boxes.